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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Vacation post #2- trip to the park

 We had many trips to the park


isn't she just so darn cute???

This trip was to meet some of my friends and their families:

One of my friends just had a new baby.  Sami got to hold this friend's first baby 3 years ago so it was pretty cool for her to hold the baby sister this time!

Grace had to have a turn too (Summer wanted nothing to do with the baby)

Apparently the day was a little too much for Grace, as this is how we found her shortly after we got home:

Vacation post #1

I am going to split up the vacation posts into many posts otherwise it'll get too long.

The first one is pictures of a visit with my brother; a trip to see one of my good friends (we have know each other since we were 9!) and the adventures we had while there!

our visit with my brother

new friends and good times had by all

and our exciting discovery while meeting new friends

he was all by his lonesome and being the cat lover I am I couldn't just leave him! thankfully my sister in law agreed to give him a new home on their farm!  So he is now a happy barn cat named Brian! 

4th of July

Here are some pictures from our 4th of July.  While waiting in the RAIN for the fireworks to start, the girls showed off for the camera:

Then once the show began this is how they each watched the fireworks:

And Grace's first expereince with sparklers: