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Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Summer!

Sorry, I have posted in awhile, I mean too but can't seem to find the time lately.  Last week was Summer's 4th Birthday.  We had a Tinkerbell party to celebrate!  Here are some pictures:

opening presents with Aunt Carrie and Daddy

Blowing out her candles

Here are some random pictures from this 
past week of Summer.

wearing her new Hello Kitty outfit 
she got for her birthday

Playing her favorite game: Basket Ball!

getting ready to shoot

up goes the ball

there is goes..

in the hoop!

yea she made it!!

victory dance!

Summer Stats:

Height: 44"

Weight: 46 pounds

She is in girls xs and small size clothes.

She has now become a VERY picky eater and will goes days without eating more than a few bites of food.  But has an even bigger sweet tooth than I do and mine is pretty big!  She will be going to preschool this coming fall, but don't mention it to her because she has no concept of time and will throw a fit because she can't go to school right that second and doesn't understand she has to wait till August.  She loves to play on the computer or on the Wii.  She also likes to play outside and gets upset when her sisters don't want to play with her.  Still gets hot and cold mixed up (at least in conversation)  Knows her colors and can count to 15 or so.  And know a good deal of her ABC's too.

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