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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Jonah's EB Auction

Almost a year ago a cute little boy named Jonah was born with Junctional EB.  To help celebrate his first birthday and raise money for EB Research at the same time, friends of the family are holding an auction.

So what are the details?

The auction will open at 12:01am EST on February 23 and run until 11:59pm on February 27 (that's 2010, obviously). You will have the opportunity to place bids on lots of different items - from giftcards to jewelry to custom items and everything in between.

What do you need in order to bid?

An email address. It doesn't even have to be a gmail address. To bid you will just give us your name, your bid, and your email. Your email will NOT be made public. All that will show up on the auction site is your name and bid and we won't use your email unless we need to contact you about your bid.

How do you pay if you win?

If you are the winner of an item, you will need a Visa or Mastercard to pay. All payments will be made directly to DebRA via their website. As soon as we receive confirmation of your payment to DebRA your item will be prepared to ship.

What about tax stuff?

Auction purchases can be tax deductible. After you pay for your item, through DebRA, you will receive a confirmation of your donation so that you have it for your tax purposes.

Have any questions about the auction? Ask here or email us at jonahsebauctionATgmailDOTcom.

Isn't that awesome or what?  Also, Butterfly Bows has made a donation to the auction, so make sure you check out the auction to see the collection of bows up for auction!  It's a great way to raise some money for a good cause while possibly getting some cute bows in the process:)

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