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Monday, February 8, 2010

Changes around here

There has been some changes around here in the past week or so.  I was no longer able to take care of the kids, the house and then go to work when Joe gets home from work in the evenings.  But I still have to work, so I am now working early mornings Thursday- Sunday.  I have to get up at 3am, but it's easier then trying to make dinner, help with homework, get ready for work and not to mention trying to eat something myself before I have to leave for work which I am usually late for because Joe doesn't always get home on time;  so if he is running late, then I am running late:-(

I also wanted to start having a more structured routine around hear during the day.  Not so much like a " at 9am we'll eat breakfast, and at 9:30 get dressed" type of thing, but more like, when Summer gets up she can watch cartoons and have her bunny (chocolate) milk till Grace gets up, then we eat breakfast, then after breakfast, we get dressed and brush our teeth and hair type of thing.  I also wanted to include more outside running around time (even though I really *dislike* being outside) because per the CDC growth charts, Summer is over weight and Grace isn't too far behind her.  I don't consider either one of them fat or even chubby.  Summer is pretty solid, not flabby.  But I don't need anymore grief  at her 4 yr check up than I normally get.  So the goal is more exercise time on days its possible.

But so far it isn't going as well as I had hoped, the girls like to do their own thing when they feel like it, not when I think its a good time.
Here are some recent pictures of Summer and Grace...Sami isn't liking the camera these days.


Summer racing around the yard


her new "cool" shoes
enjoying her favorite past time


Grace being silly


no, that isn't a dutch costume, but doesn't she look like a little dutch girl??

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