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Sunday, November 29, 2009

What busy bees are we...

Its been a LONG week around here.  Due to "Black Friday" I worked 6 days last week! (and 8 days in a row total) Then again today but I am off the next two days.

We didn't do much on Turkey Day, just stayed home, which was a first since I don't remember when.  I had worked till 2am the night before, so I was dragging most of the day.  We did have turkey and most of the trimmings.  And coconut cream pie for dessert:)

Then on Friday much to my surprise Joe got all the Christmas Decorations out of the attic.  I probably should add it was a bribe to get the girls to cooperate during the family picture we had taken earlier in the day.  And they did, so down came the tree and all the tubs of decorations.  Most of which did not go on the tree since they are breakable and many irreplaceable; including the Angel.  So we have shatter proof ornaments on our tree:-)  Though I am sure the kids or cats will find a way to break those.  But here is a picture of our tree.  They never do come out too clear do they?

Then on Saturday the outside got decorated.  Sorry no pictures yet.  Those will be coming soon:)  As well as the kids trees.  I still need to get Garrett's done, not sure when i'll have time to myself to get to that or where to even put it so no hands (or paws) can reach it!

Then today I had some errands to run and took one of the girls with me and had something happen that has never happened in the entire 7+ years I have had kids...but you'll have to wait till tomorrow for my "Not Me! Monday" post to find out which kid and what happened. :P

You will also have to wait till Christmas to see our new family photo, but here are a *few* pictures that came out some what decent:


Summer..she finally cracked a smile!


Me and mini-me!


Sami and Grace...a.k.a Miss I won't smile for any pictures (apparently its genetic)


Joe and Summer


Sami and Grace checking out the lake...

Well that is all for now.  Be sure to check back on Tuesday for a very honest and real post.

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