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Monday, September 14, 2009

deals from the weekend

I went to goodwill this past weekend to look for a desk/small table for Sami to do her oddles of homework on. And this is what I came home with! and for ONLY $5.00!!!

And and I saw this and couldn't pass it up for Grace and for only $2.00!

I also got a pair of pants for me, a top for Grace a big bouncy ball and Hello Kitty DVD for Summer since I knew I'd hear about it for DAYS if I didn't get each one of them something. Of course Sami was mad I only got her a desk! But went then went to the store so she could spend more of her birthday money and this is what she got!

A 'two-wheel' Barbie Scooter. Apparently 7 is 'TOO OLD' for a three-wheel scooter. Who knew?

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