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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Prayers Needed

a 14 year old young women is going through a Bone Marrow Transplant to hopefully 'cure' her EB.  She is battling a serious blood infection now and needs all the prayers she can get.

You can find her caring bridge page here: Samantha Sheridan

Monday, September 28, 2009

Simplifying Things

As you can see, I have made some changes around here...trying to simplify things.  I had way too many things going on; too many blogs; too many projects, too many farms on Facebook (lol), so I made some changes.  I have many updates to make to my web site and have decided just to have one blog, this one, and write about a variety of things.  My family, EB events, news and info, and share my recipes, reviews and deals on here as well.  I hope many people will 'follow' me on here (preferably publicly!) and link my blog on theirs as well.

I have also started allowing advertisers on my blog, and soon my web site, with some of the proceeds generated going to EB research.  I will be sending out a email to those I think might be interested in some inexpensive advertising space for their business!  If you are looking to advertise or know someone who is, please email me and i'll get you some more info. 

So check back soon for more exciting posts!

Aquafresh Iso

Kinda of an odd title I know, but I bought some new toothpaste yesterday that I wanted to tell you all about! Its called Aquafresh Iso:

Their web site states the following:

Breakthrough gel transforms into an active foam
Penetrates hard-to-reach places to protect between teeth
Removes 3 times more bacteria* as it whitens
Provides Aquafresh Triple Protection for healthy gums**, strong teeth, and fresh breath

I got the 'Deep Impact' (green) flavor. Minty tasting!

*great taste
*very foamy (which I like to think it getting deep down in my teeth:-)
*my teeth feel very clean after brushing with it

*the tooth paste comes out really fast no matter how lightly I press the top to dispense the paste. I usually get a lot more than I need for my very small mouth.

You can find a$1.00 off coupon for it on Smart Source

And you can also find a $1.00 off coupon good only at Target for it here. Just go to the Target Coupon Generator and it will come up. Target allows you to use a store coupon and manufacturer coupon for the SAME item:) So I got my tube for $1.49 after I used both coupons:)

Thus far I give this product at A. :-)

Brownie Marshmallow Swirl

Brownie Marshmallow Swirl


1 box of Pillsbury Chocolate Fudge Brownie Mix

1 small jar of Marshmallow creme

1 container of Pillsbury Chocolate frosting

Step 1: prepare brownies as directed on box using oil, water and eggs

Step 2: Spread evenly into pan.

Step 3: Cook for 28-31 minutes until toothpick comes out clean.

Step 4: Cool COMPLETELY (very important)

Step 5: Spread a small jar of marshmallow creme over the cooled brownies.

Step 6: Place 1/3 cup of frosting into microwave safe bowl and microwave on HIGH or 10-20 seconds.

Step 7: Stir until smooth

Step 8: Drizzle frosting over the marshmallow creme.

Step 9: Swirl with knife to create a marbling effect

Step 10- Refrigerate for 15 minutes

Step 11- cut into small squares and enjoy!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Rainbow Cake

Check out this recipe for awesome 
looking rainbow cake!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

An update

Well, how shall I begin? I finally was able to get a copy of my medical records from my emergency surgery last month, and learned the following things: I suffered a true uterine ruptured which means, my uterus ruptured and the baby floated out of my uterus into my abdominal cavity. I lost 2600 cc's of blood from the ruptured. The doctor was able to repair the tears w/o complications. (in a typical c-section one loses about 500 cc's or less)

That is the news i expected; what I didn't expect was a pathology report on the baby to be included. The baby measured 9 weeks and 2 days old; however he/she had quite a few physically abnormalities. Some of it was caused by the rupture but the pathologist felt somewhere not, such as the ears, mouth, nose and some of the internal organs were only partially develop. According to every fetal development site i can find, all organs, the ears, eyes and mouth are typically fully developed by 9 week, and from there they just grow and get bigger.

So what does this mean? Though we will never know for sure, but had I gone to the end of the pregnancy, the baby could possible have had birth defects or worse not have survived the birth. Maybe the baby wasn't meant to have a long life and this was a way to spare of more pain and heartache later on down the line.
Also, I went into surgery so late at night, I wasn't sure when the baby was removed from my body, was it Wednesday August 12th or really early Thursday August 13th? According to the report, it was on the 13th, my birthday. Though not an actually 'birth day' for the baby, it is still their day too.

In addition on getting closure, I wanted the baby to have a name. Since we don't know if it was a boy or girl, we decided to name the baby Jesse. It would work or a boy or girl. In fact, Sami wanted Grace's name to be Jesse!

As for the future, will we have more kids? I don't know; physically I could have more kids, but two of my doctors are advising against it. So we really don't know what we want to do. Not something I really want to think about right now.

Physically I am healed and have gone back to work already. Emotionally, some days are better than others.

THANK YOU to everyone who emailed, posted comments, called, wrote and prayed for us during this time. We really appreciate it and I know it helped in my healing process! I will be adding a page on our web site for the baby when I get some time. Hopefully by sharing my story, it will help other who went through the same thing.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Grace + Paint = BIG MESS

Grace was suppose to be painting PAPER with Summer. Apparently she had other plans.

And I won't even MENTION the red paint I still can't get out of the living room rug....

deals from the weekend

I went to goodwill this past weekend to look for a desk/small table for Sami to do her oddles of homework on. And this is what I came home with! and for ONLY $5.00!!!

And and I saw this and couldn't pass it up for Grace and for only $2.00!

I also got a pair of pants for me, a top for Grace a big bouncy ball and Hello Kitty DVD for Summer since I knew I'd hear about it for DAYS if I didn't get each one of them something. Of course Sami was mad I only got her a desk! But went then went to the store so she could spend more of her birthday money and this is what she got!

A 'two-wheel' Barbie Scooter. Apparently 7 is 'TOO OLD' for a three-wheel scooter. Who knew?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sami's lost tooth

She lost ANOTHER tooth! (the 2nd in less then 3 weeks)

(yes I know there are lines in the picture. My camera is messed up and is going to be sent out to be fixed shortly)

Back to work

Well after being off for 4 weeks I went back to work tonight!

There are no words to describe how happy everyone was to see me! I am the only one that does my job, so needless to say the past 4 weeks were very rough for everyone! It took almost 10 people to do all of the work that I do each week!

They were even more thankful to have me back when they learned the entire story. I told my HR the entire story, she only told others I was in the hospital with internal bleeding and needed surgery. So the rest of the story was a bit shocking for all that I told.

They even got me flowers:) Aren't they pretty?

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Professional Blogging!

I decided to give professional blogging a try!

Check it out: Reviews, Recipes and Deals