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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I am behind in posting...I know

I have pictures to post, but haven't had time to re-size them yet. My parents were here last week and we all went to Sea World together one day and then the beach another day. I apparently didn't put enough sun screen on my back because I match my work shirts now! It still hurts even 5 days later.

I took Sami school shopping on Sunday and got a few things. Boy are we in trouble, that child doesn't understand ' we can only get it today if its on sale'. She got a few outfits and some supplies. I had been buying some things all summer for her that I knew she needed. She starts school the last week of August, and then 5 days later she turns 7. We are already planning her party. It will be the biggest yet!

Summer is potty training and some days are better than others. We are looking for a pre-school for her, but they are all so expensive that I am not sure its going to happen. Our school district only has pre-school for kids with medical or developmental issues. Sami attended because of her EB and sensory issues, but Summer is normal and out of luck.

Grace out grew her play pen and is now on a toddler mattress. Once Joe can find the toddler bed in the attic then we'll try the bed thing again with her. She is so active in her sleep and just bumping on the side of the bed wakes her up at night.

Other than the heat, not much else to report!

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