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Saturday, February 28, 2009


We are all sick again. First Joe, then Summer, Grace, Sami and now me. Sami had the full blown flu:( She missed 4 days of school. She is better now but still coughing. I started feeling crappy this morning. I hope I don't get as sick as she was, or we are in big trouble!

Its been a long month. Three babies/kids with EB passed away. Our friends here with a 7 month old with EB has been in the hospital on a ventilator for the passed 10 days. Not EB related, but very serious none the less. Here is his web site:

For those wondering why my blog is private again is because my mother found it and she hasn't talked to me in over 4 years, but try to get info on the girls from my website and blog. I don't want to have to be careful on what I post, so the need for the private blog.

I don't have any pictures to post now, but I hope to get some up this week.

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