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Friday, January 16, 2009

Getting melted Crayon out of clothes

I found this on the Thrifty Fun Web Site

OMG! I have to admit after reading this entire page of "fix's" for crayoned clothes through the dryer, I was probably the BIGGEST skeptic! My clothes sat this way for 2 whole days, before I could get to the store to get the ingredients. WELL.....I am still in freakin' shock. My daughter took a couple crayons (from a restaurant) and had one in her sweatshirt pocket. ( I always check jeans pockets!! It ruined an entire load of new jeans and t-shirts and a couple sweatshirts (that were all x-mas gifts). I did not know until after they went through the entire dryer cycle. WELL.....
I used the "This Is The One" recipe:
2 Maximum load scoops of liquid Tide
1 Cup of Mule 20 Borax (powder)
1 Cup of Liquid Shout
2 scoops of OxyClean
1 Cup of White Vinegar
I ran the washer with the above ingredients in HOT water until the agitation started ( I let it agitate for 1 minute first) then added the clothes...SOAKED in the mixture for 2 hours..then started the washer back up to finish the wash cycle as normal...after, I removed the clothes and added Tide & OxyClean together and re-washed the clothes in warm water...then after that I just did 1 extra rinse and then put in dryer and ALL the clothes came out with not even 1 Green Crayon mark left on it!!! ( It was REALLY REALLY Bad too )
Just try this before throwing them all away...I had the clothes in a garbage bag and then I decided to Google "how to remove dried on crayon marks from clothes"
Thank Goodness for Google & this website!!!

1 comment:

  1. You saved my load of brand new Gymboree clothes!! I tried several other things and nothing worked, than I tried your magic formula and BAM! no more crayon!!! thank you a million times over!!!