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Monday, January 26, 2009

10 new things about the girls


1- LOVES to eat Mac and Cheese Crackers with Trix yogurt!
2- Has sold 48 boxes of girl scout cookies so far
3- is excited for the 100th day of school this week and the celebration they have at school for it!
4- can read on her own now and is so proud
5- doesn't understand why it can be winter and not snow here
6- likes to watch shows on TLC, 17 kids and counting, Jon & Kate plus 8, Little People Big World
7- has lost 2 teeth
8- has another loose tooth
9- is excited to go to Disney next month
10- but doesn't want to miss one day of school because of it!


1-can open doors now
2- can lock and unlock the front door on her own
3- will only eat if you feed her
4- loves Popsicles and is on her 3rd of the day
5- already wears a girls size x-small in shirts (she is almost 3)
6- she loves Hello Kitty
7- got a new princess potty this weekend, but won't use it. :(
8- has a birthday in 43 days
9- will probably have a hello kitty birthday party
10- likes to take pictures with my digital camera


1)-won't eat if you try to feed her, she has to do it herself.
2- LOVES blueberries
3- takes 0-3 naps a day and sleeps anyway from 30 minutes to 4 hours (so far its been 3 hrs and she is still sleeping:)
4- appears to be shrinking- she is back to 9-12 month clothes (it was 12- 18 months) :(
5- likes to eat crayons
6- LOVES to be outside
7- hates to wear socks
8- likes to take her diaper off and pee on the floor
9- likes to sit in boxes and tubs
10-still only has 6 teeth

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